Physics Society — St Philomena's College

22. 08. 2017

PhySoc gets the green light: founding session scheduled for next week

We’re pleased to announce that St Philomena’s College has approved PhySoc. It will be led by the Postgraduate Department of Physics and we will be starting out activities from 31 August 2017 led by the President of our Society and Head of said Department, Prof D. Revannasiddaiah. Other positions on the committee will be filled in as outlined on the Committee page with V.H. Belvadi as the founding Secretary, S.N. Namitha as the Treasurer and R. Sawhil as the Spokesperson. We will hold a formal inauguration either on the first session or sometime next month.

The first session will be dedicated to having our members voice their opinions on what they expect from PhySoc while the Committee will introduce the Society and explain its plans for the future.

We will be meeting every Thursday (unless otherwise mentioned) in the final year classroom on the first floor of the Postgraduate block located at the northeast corner of the campus. Meetings will commence at 1pm. Membership is open to the public and new members can sign up during sessions.